Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life on the Farm

Blog...everyone's doing media, it's the only way...connect with everyone...these thoughts have been banging about in my brain since I posted my first entry to this blog, in 2006!! It was the one and only entry and, I thought, it was pretty good, I just couldn't quite decide what to write about next. I realized I need deadlines, just ask the editors at TASTE! So, I'm self imposing a monthly post, due by the 15th of the month, yes, I realize this ones already 2 days late!!

I removed the old post, don't worry, saved it for posterity's sake - remind me to check if I'm using that word in the correct context, or Wendy, the blog police, will be on it before you can say edit.

The gist of the post was how we moved to the country to build this dream 'lifestyle' and how it's taken on a whole life of it's own, this 'farming' thing. Basically, no lazy days in the hammock gazing at the view (Vista D'oro); no leisurely rides in the park on my horse, (Rico, the main reason we moved the farm) Note: check with Wendy to see if that's 'ironic'. I seriously thought I'd have time to 'putter' in my garden, it's almost funny in retrospect, almost.

I also didn't realize we'd meet so many amazing people doing what we do; chefs, writers, winemakers, farmers, cheesemakers - people so passionate about food and wine and so much fun to be around. I've learned so much from them and continue to do so on a daily basis. I'll be telling you more about these wonderful people in later posts.

Life on the Farm may not be the romantic notion that so many want and expect it to be, but I wouldn't change it for that dream corporate job; the one with coffee breaks, lunch hours, profit sharing, holidays...sorry lost my train of thought for a minute...ever!

Hope you enjoy my ramblings and random thoughts; if not, please just stop reading...don't leave nasty comments, I'm just way too fragile for that ;)


John Pliniussen said...

Donna served us and is an amazing ambassador for your brands. Will see her this august in Kingston ON or Belleville...awesome service and we bought so many wonderful treats because of her help and guidance.

Figs & Walnut Wine said...

Hi John - we love Donna too! Glad you had a true Vista D'oro experience and hope we see you again soon!