Saturday, February 09, 2013

PIZZAM! Pizza & really!

Pizzam! Proof that not all crazy ideas are all that crazy...

How it all began...
Last year at Feast of Fields, actually two years ago, but I digress...Mary from Terra Breads and I decided to collaborate on a crazy idea...she was making amazing pizzas in her AWESOME 'husband-built' pizza oven and I was making 'PB&J' sandwiches for the event, they were actually Brioche with Spiced Walnut Butter & Plum Vanilla & Star Anise Preserves and pretty tasty...
Anyways, we combined the two and made a few PBJ pizzas...THEY.WERE. AMAZING!

Moving along...
Patrick & I were on a sales trip in Whistler (yes, I know that sounds rough) and stopped for a snack in the lobby of the Four Seasons and shared a couple flatbreads that were on special, best bar snack ever!

Next thought....
We should make flatbreads for the Picnic's at Vista D'oro, oh and we should use our jam as a base...oh and like those pizza's in Provence, we can garnish with dressed greens....

This is what transpired one night in the kitchen....
Mise en Pizzam!

Simple Pizza Dough (you could easily use frozen)

Apricot Tarragon & Riesling Preserve with Duck Confit

Heirloom Tomato & Chile Preserve with Pancetta, Bocconini & Fresh Tomatoes

Green Tomato & Garam Masala Preserves with Italian Sausage, Fromage Fraise & Cilantro
My Fav!

Green Walnut & Grappa Preserves with Truffle Salami, Fermier Cheese, Frisee

Finished Tomato & Chile Pizzam with Fresh Basil

Finished Apricot & Duck Pizzam Garnished with Fresh Tarragon

So now all I have to do is get Mary's husband to build me a pizza oven for the deck and we'll be in business! Or win the lottery and build a Pizzam Truck modelled after the Del Popolo truck! (Google it!) Hey a girl can dream!

The Pizzam Menu

Figs & Walnut Wine Preserve with
Proscuitto, Blue Cheese & Arugula

Heirloom Tomato & Chile Preserve with
Pancetta, Bocconcini, Fresh Tomatoes & Basil

Green Heirloom Tomato & Garam Masala Preserve with
Italian Sausage, Fromage Fraise, Cilantro

Green Walnut & Grappa Preserve with
Truffle Salami, Fermier Cheese, Frisee

Apricot Tarragon & Riesling Preserve with
Duck Confit, Alpine Gold Cheese & Fresh Tarragon

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These look so gorgeous and the combinations are delectable!!