Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Preservatory Cookbook!

The Preservatory - Cookbook!

It's happening - Finally! I think I started a proposal about five years ago - it took a few glasses of wine and a good friend to convince me to send it off - that was last July! It took a full year to hash out the details and sign the contract, with RANDOM HOUSE!!

Completely surreal, very exciting and completely overwhelming now that I have a deadline! The photo shoots have begun, we have two under our belt now and the pictures are amazing, I'll post teasers as we go.

The Preservatory cookbook will have 75 recipes FOR preserves and another 50 recipes WITH preserves. I'm including about 20 recipes of preserves that we currently produce and am creating the others as we speak - this is by far my favourite part of the process. The preserves will of course be seasonal, so the clock is ticking to get the summer fruit into jars and onto the page.

Stay tuned for more updates and few recipes to test out...

Behind the scenes with Janis Nicolay - photographer extraordinaire!


Carmen said...

i am now eating in Madrid Fig & Walnut Wine preserve.... It is fantastic! Better than my granny fig mermelade! Congratulations!I I bought it in El Corte Ingles, but they told me that it is only temporary and the don't sell it longer.... It is a pity!

Anonymous said...

Has your cookbook been finished yet? I would love to know if I can get it in Australia

Figs & Walnut Wine said...

Yes! The Preservatory cookbook is finished and will be released on April 25, 2017 - you should be able to find it on Amazon - thanks for asking :)

Figs & Walnut Wine said...

Hi Carmen - Glad you enjoyed our preserves in Madrid - fingers crossed we'll have them back on the shelf this spring!